Sihr of Impending Marriage

Sihr of Impeding Marriage


How is this Done?

A grudging person would go to a wicked sorcerer and requests that a sihr be done to a certain person's daughter to thwart her marriage. The saahir would request her name, her mother's name and a trace of her hair or smell (on a piece of garment). Once these are provided, the sorcerer would work out the appropriate sihr and instruct one Jinn, or more, to stalk the girl until the opportunity comes to enter her, which is often during one of the four occasions:

  1. Extreme fear.
  2. Extreme anger.
  3. Extreme unawareness.
  4. Indulgence in pleasure.

The Jinn has Two Options:
1. If he can enter the girl, then he would cause her to feel uncomfortable with any prospective husband and; thus, turn him down.
2. If he cannot enter the girl, then he would use the sihr of imagination, from outside. As a result, a suitor would see the girl in an ugly image under the effect of the Jinn's whispering, and so would the girl.
Under the effect of this sihr and under the Jinn's whispering a suitor, who would have initially agreed to the marriage, would decline after a few days, without any valid reason.
In cases of a strong sihr, a suitor would, upon entering the house of his prospective wife, feel very uncomfortable and see darkness before him as if he were in prison, and so would never return.


  1. Occasional headaches, which persist despite medication.
  2. Severe tightness in the chest, especially between al-Asr salaah and midnight.
  3. The patient sees the suitor in an ugly image.
  4. Absentmindedness.
  5. Anxiety during sleep.
  6. Occasional constant stomach-aches.
  7. Pain in the lower part of the back.
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