Sihr of sterility

Sihr of sterility


Sterility in Men

There are two types:
1. Organic Sterility: This type may be treated by doctors if they could.
2. Sterility caused by Sihr. This type is caused by the Jinn's presence in a man's body.

Generally, fertility in men requires that the sperm count be at least twenty million per cubic centimetre of semen. Sometimes, a Jinn may interfere with one of the teste which produce spermatozoa, by pressing it or by other means; so that the testis would not produce the required sperm count to fertilise an ovum. When the spermatozoa move from the testes to the gonocyte, they require much clear fluid which is secreted and poured into the gonocyte by a specific gland. This fluid acts as nourishment for the spermatozoa stored in the gonocyte. Again, the Jinn interferes in this process by preventing the gland from secreting the clear fluid; thus, denying the spermatozoa stored in the gonocyte of their nourishment. As a result of this Satanic interference, the spermatozoa die and fertilisation is not achieved.
Difference between Natural Sterility and Sterility caused by Sihr
Sterility caused by sihr has the following symptoms:
1. A tightness in the chest, which begins at al-asr and may last until midnight.
2. Absentmindedness.
3. Pain in the lower part of the spine.
4. Anxiety during sleep.
5. Nightmares.

Sterility in Women

There are two types:
1. Natural Sterility.
2. Sterility caused by sihr: The Jinn settles in the womb and destroys the ovum, so fertilisation does not take place. Or, the Jinn lets the process of fertilisation and pregnancy take place. However, after several months of pregnancy, he stomps a vein in the womb, causing bleeding and thus prompting a miscarriage.

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