Sihr of illness

Sihr Al-Maradh (Illness)



  1. Constant pain in one part of the body.
  2. Epilepsy.
  3. Paralysis of one area of the patient's body.
  4. Total paralysis of the body.
  5. Disability in of one of the sense organs.

NB: Some of these symptoms may be similar to those of a normal physical illness. In order to distinguish between the symptoms, the healer should recite the ruqyah over the patient. If the patient feels dizzy, becomes numb, has a headache, or if there is a change in the patient's body during the recitation process, then the healer should assume that these symptoms pertain to the use sihr. If the patient does not react to the ruqyah, the healer should advice the patient that he/she suffers from a physical illness and should consult a doctor.

How this is Achieved

It is common that the brain is the main regulator of the body. This means that every human organ has a control center in the brain, from which it receives codes. For example, if you try to put your finger in a fire, the finger sends a fast code to the sense center in the brain, and then receives orders from this center, warning it to keep away from the source of danger. In response, the hand moves away from fire. This interaction takes place within a fraction of a second:
َٕـٖزَا َخيۡقُ ٗىئَِ َفَأ ُسِّٗٚ ٍَبرَا خََيقَ ٗىَِزيَِ ٍِِ ُدِِّٗٔ ۚۦ ثَ ِو ٗى َظّـِٖيََُُ٘ فِٚ ضَيَـٖوٍ۬ ٍُجِيٍِ۬ (٢٢)
"This is Allah's Creation; now show me what those have created that are part from Him!" (31:11)
Through this sihr, a Jinn settles in a person's brain, in the sensual center of hearing, sight, feeling of the hand or the leg, as directed by the saahir. As a result, the response of a limb may be one out of three conditions:

  1. The Jinn may -with Allah's Ability- completely prevent signals from reaching a limb or organ. As a result, a limb stops functioning, so the patient may become blind, dumb, deaf or physically paralyzed.
  2. The Jinn may -with Allah's Ability- sometimes prevent signals from reaching a limb or organ, and may sometimes let them reach it. As a result, the limb or organ sometimes functions and sometimes does not.
  3. The Jinn may cause the brain to send fast successive signals without any reason. Consequently, the limb may become frigid and unable to move, even if it were not paralyzed.

However, any harm a person sustains, under the effect of sihr depends on Allah's will, which is
not surprising!
ٍََٗب ٌُٕ ثِ َضٓبسِيَِ ِثِٔۦ ٍِِۡ أَحَذٍ إَِىب ِثئِرُِۡ ٗىيَ ِۚٔ
"...yet they did not hurt any man thereby, save by the Leave of Allah." (2:102).

Yet in the past, many doctors in the Mulim world would neither acknowledge nor believe this fact. However, when they witnessed several cases, they had no choice but to believe and submit to Allah's ('Azza wa Jalla) ability.

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