Sihr of bad dreams and hearing voices

Sihr Al-Hawatif (Bad Dreams and Hearing Voices)



  1. The patient experiences nightmares.
  2. The patient sees in a dream as if someone were calling him.
  3. The patient hears voices talking to him when awake, but cannot see where these voices are coming from.
  4. The patient hears much whispering (Al- Waswas)
  5. The patient is very suspicious of his/her friends and relatives.
  6. The patient dreams of seeing oneself falling from a high place.
  7. The patient dreams of seeing oneself being chased by animals.

How this is Achieved

The saahir instructs a Jinn to appear to a person both in dream and in reality, in the form of savage beasts attacking him; to call him when awake in voices which he recognises and which he does not; to cause him to suspect people that are close to him and people who are not. Symptoms may vary according to the power and weakness of the sihr. They may increase to the point of reaching lunacy and may also diminish to the point of being a mere whispering.

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