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Black Magic / Sihir

Black Magic / Sihir

Introduction of Black Magic / Sihir
Magic is an old human practice. It is sometimes defined as deception by showing something to an audience, which is contrary to reality. In Islam this is part of magic, which is, however, defined as seeking the help of demons to perform something harmful against somebody.

In the light of the above definition, Islam considers magic to be an act of blasphemy. Thus, the Holy Quran say:

"Suleiman (Solomon) did not disbelieve, but the devils disbelieved teaching men magic"

[QURAN 2:102]

In an authentic saying, the Prophet of Islam p.b.u.h. said: Whoever goes to a fortune teller (a soothe sayer) or a diviner and believes him, has, in fact, disbelieved in what has been revealed to Muhammad.

Thus Islam condemns magic- even what is called the horoscope or luck or reading one's palm to foretell the future is also prohibited in Islam. This is based on the belief that no one knows the future or the unseen except God almighty. That is why the Quran asserts that even Muhammad does not know the unseen. Concerning this, it says:

"If I had the knowledge of the unseen, I should have secured abundance for myself, and no evil would have touched me".

[QURAN 7:188]

Again, God is described in the Quran as the knower of the unseen and the manifest (6:73) and as the holder of the keys of the unseen.

[QURAN 6:73-6:59]

In another tradition, Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. says: "Avoid the seven deadly acts which are: ascribing partners to God, magic, killing the human self which Allah prohibited except with right, eating usury, devouring the orphan's wealth, defecting from the battle-field (without a justified reason) and slandering chaste, unwary believing women. Thus Islam has closed the door for practicing magic, simply because it is against its teachings, and it is deceptive and harmful.

How to protect / cure?
The above teaches us that black magic exists and what the remedy for it is. There are also other remedies for curing black magic as mentioned in the Ahadith:

'Sayyida A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) narrates:

"Whenever the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) would become ill, he would recite the Mu'awwizat (Surah al-Falaq & Surah an-Nas) and blow over himself. When his illness was aggravated, I used to recite these two Surahs (and blow my breath) over him and make him rub his body with his own hand, for its blessings."

[Sahih al-Bukhari No. 4728]

Also, the consuming of Ajwa dates has been prescribed by the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) as a remedy for black magic. Amir ibn Sa'd narrates from his father that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said:

'"He who eats seven Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them."

[Sahih al-Bukhari No. 5130]

Also the use of Taweez (Amulets) is permissible as long as it is written in Arabic and contains verses of the Quran and Allah's name and this is explained in the famous Hanafi book of Fiqh as follows:

"Using of amulets (Taweez) will not be permissible if they are written in a non-Arabic language, in that its meaning is unknown. They may consist of black magic, disbelief or impermissible invocations. However, if they consist of Quranic verses or prescribed supplications (Duas), then there is nothing wrong with using them."

[Radd al-Muhtar 6/363]

Preporučujem vam upotrebu čorokuta (ar: el-habetu es-sevda'), jer u njemu se nalazi lijek za sve osim za smrt." (Buhari, 7/160)

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